Growth Hacking:
B2B Corporate Catering at Scale

Learn how your restaurant can unlock incremental revenue through catering and the path to $1M in annual catering sales.

The Catering ROI Calculator

When executed properly, catering has the potential to generate a meaningful incremental revenue stream for your multi-unit brand.  

Understanding the potential sales volume and associated revenue catering can bring, setting realistic goals, and then applying strategy to those goals is the key to unlocking the path to $1Mil in catering sales a year.  

Using the calculator below, calculate the formula for the number of orders per day, per location, that it would take to generate $1M in annual sales.

How to Use: 

  1. Input the number of store locations.
  2. Input the number of operational catering days per month.
  3. Adjust sliders for estimated daily orders per location.
  4. Increase numbers in subsequent years based on expansion plans and goals.
  5. The charts below will automatically adjust to output your expected monthly and yearly catering revenue, estimating a 40% gross margin. 

At Lunchbox, and in partnership with the Off-Premises Growth Academy, we are committed to providing restaurants with both the technology and the strategy behind building a successful revenue stream in catering. If you are interested in reviewing your catering strategy with us, book time below. 

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“If we take this opportunity to do the math, we begin to understand the impact that the catering revenue channel will have on our entire community. For example, if a brand has 100 stores offering catering, using the assumption of $1k a day per store, catering can represent an additional $100,000 per day in incremental sales across the system, five days per week (We’ll just leave weekends out of the equation for now). This analysis results in an additional $500,000 per week in incremental catering sales for the brand. Imagine the impact of these types of numbers on our bottom lines!“

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